Meet our Fellows

Thanks to the fellowship and its supporters (see below), we were able to grant 13 fellowships.

Here, you can get an idea of who our fellows are


Nipa Basak A PhD biochemistry student from India, who explored with their team novel epigenetic aspects on ‘High altitude adaptation(s) in Tibetan population, regarding to biochemical, epigenetic and genetic perspectives.


A German medical doctor, who made her way to medicine and especially to mountain medicine not always on the easiest circumstances, studied and worked in Germany, Hungary, Uganda and Tansania and lives now in Mendoza/Argentina, making investigations and works at the IAMA near to Aconcagua (6961m).

Sangeeta Poudel
Born as a trekker’s daughter in Nepal, graduated as a medical doctor and works now as 1st female Nepali doctor in the Everest ER.

Abhyu Ghimire
A young medical doctor, who works already in the Mountain Medical Institute in Namche Bazar (3440m) and Dingboche (4400m) on the ‘Khumbu – Highway’ to Everest, trying to ‘Make Lemonade out of very few Lemons’ under rural conditions compared to the maximum supply hospitals in big cities.

Our Fellowship was supported by

Susanne DURRER

Daniela & Marc FEUZ
Family MAAG
Barbara WIJKER

Margrit STÜNZI

Thomas OEFFL

Michel ARNOLD, Monika BRODMANN, Thomas DURRER, Marco FRANKEN, Daniela TATALIAS, Melina TATALIAS, Gisela TEUSCHER, Marco WEHRLI,, Lukas VON ALLMEN, Gabriela ZULLIGER, Cornelia BETSCHART, Pierre CONNE, Anastasia BUDOWSKI, Christoph SIEBENMANN, Desirée BUCHER, Tobias KRÄMER