Bruno Durrer Fellowship

Bruno Durrer – a passionate general practitioner, international pioneer in mountain medicine, enthusiastic alpinist, mountain emergency physician and father – was devoted to supporting young doctors. As a matter of course, he is one of the founders of the Swiss Society in Mountain Medicine and he was a great supporter of education in mountain medicine.

In his honor, we would like to support young doctors from developing countries to participate at the World Congress on Mountain Medicine in Interlaken by offering a “Bruno Durrer Fellowship”.

Learn more about Bruno’s life

Book about Bruno’s life (in German only)

Who can apply

  • Medical students, young doctors (up to 30 years old)
  • Living or working in low oder lower-middle income countries (according to the world bank: World Bank List)

Please note: You have to fulfill both criterias to apply for the Bruno Durrer – Fellowship.

But we are fully aware, that also people from upper – middle or high income contries can have a difficult path behind or still beneath them to study medicine or work in their profession (e.g. limitations like working poor, gender, race etc.) . If you think, you belong to this group, you can also apply and explain your situation in the motivation letter. We are ready to check and consider every serious application we get!

What costs are covered

  • Workshop participation
  • Congress participation
  • Lodging (youth hostel)


The deadline to apply for our fellowship has ended. Due to the postponement of the congress, we may decide to open the application again. Information will follow as soon as possible.
Decision until April 15, 2020